2022 in Numbers

Even if I didn't write anything new for the last four months, I knew that I would at least start the new year with a look back on 2022 with some numbers like the previous years (2021, 2020, 2019)

  • I wrote 29 Blog posts and 7 Likes (11896 words)
  • I shot and finished not one Movie again, kinda sad
  • I watched 104 Movies, which is a lot less than in 2021
  • I watched 800+ TV Episodes (I finished Seinfeld, Community, Two and a half Men and started Malcolm in the Middle again)

When I look at the numbers I notice a few things. Yes, I wrote just three more blog posts than in 2021 (I started strong in January and ended up with a four-month dry spell) but when you look at the number of words, I surpassed the year 2020 where I had 54 blog posts). So I guess I wrote fewer posts but the posts I wrote were longer, I can live with that.

As for Movies and TV Shows, it's still a lot (especially on the TV front, where I really try to cut back this year). I don't want to know the hours I sat in front of the TV (including all those hours of XBOX or PC gaming). I got a lot more selective when watching new Shows or Movies, but I still end up watching crappy Movies, TV Shows not so much.

The drawback of all that TV consumption is the creative part. Not much happened on that front. But instead of mulling over this, I try to look forward to this year and just do better. This doesn't mean I did nothing, but nothing worth adding to this list, but I will go into that in another blog post.

So what's the idea for 2022? More blog posts? Maybe more regular? More creative work and less staring at screens.