A Small Update

It’s a crazy time and I didn’t expect it to get this bad, but that’s the situation now, so let’s make the best of it.

On my end, I was busy the first half of the month finishing the corporate website for my employer. It was an interesting project, creating such a big website with WordPress was a big learning experience. A lot of things I learned and discovered flew into SoaPatrickSeven.

One of the things that I adapted here is the theme and template structure, a more lean and logical structure of all the files in the theme. This structure makes it easier for other people to find things if they have to make changes to a theme. I know this isn’t relevant with SoaPatrick but it’s helpful anyway.

Then I also got rid of all the Gutenberg styling and used my own, that way I could leave out all the styling for blocks I didn’t use, which is a lot.

There are still some things in the backlog, actually the same tasks as in my last post and hopefully, I get to that sooner than later, the same with my next movie project.