Feeling tired

I know that I've been absent for some time and I often thought about writing something again just so that I will increase my number of blog posts from the previous year, but more often than not what kept me from doing it was the energy level and in some degree the lack of idea what to write about. Ever since I released SP10 and I made the switch from WordPress to Kirby (which was a huge undertaking) I often felt exhausted, not just mentally but also from a creative point of view. So I focused on work and work-related stuff and in my free time did a lot more consuming than creating.

But now for close to a week, I feel tired even more thanks to finally getting infected with COVID-19. Now I wouldn't say I was (or still am) having a mild reaction to the virus, but neither do I have a very strong and critical reaction but for someone who is rather healthy, got all the vaccines one could get in my position, I was surprised by how heavily it hit me for a few days. Now I don't get sick a lot, actually in the last 3.5 years I think I had no more than 10 sick days, so getting hit with all these symptoms was rather big for me.

it is slowly getting better, I finally sleep okay again, the fever is gone I think but I still feel like breathing is a tad more difficult than it used to be and my throat still hurts a bit, especially when coughing, and I feel a lot more tired, especially the eyes get sore more often and then I just want to lie down and sleep a bit. I guess it takes a bit more time for me to feel like 100% again but I try to do my best with this situation and I think part of this means writing about it.

That's the idea behind this blog entry, writing about the experience of getting COVID-19 so that I can read about it years later down the road. There's more I'd love to get off my chest about stuff that happened the last few weeks (and months) or write about stuff I've been thinking about but I take it one step at a time right now.