Let’s recap November of 2018, shall we?

November 2018 recap

One more recap to go and then I can choose a new format for next year. Yeah, I know that currently, it seems that all I do is write recaps and maybe another post in between. But a lot has been happening in the last two months. The good news of a new job, the start of actually making movies and this month two new things happened. The first one is my second movie which I will talk about in-depth in a day or two and then there’s the new home office I’m working on, so let’s talk about that a bit.

Yeah, I was disappointed when Apple didn’t announce a new iMac at their October 30th Event in New York because the iMac was always the machine I was planning on purchasing as my new workstation. So I was in a bit of a pickle. Buy an 18-month-old iMac with outdated processing power and I/O ports or look for something else? Well, I did a lot of thinking and decided against old tech. So this update now is written on a Mac Mini with a 6-Core i7 Processor, 512 fast SSD, and 32GB of RAM. As for a monitor, since I used an iMac before I had to get a new monitor and opted for a 27-inch 4k display from Dell (there was a really good offer on Black Friday). There’s also a WD My Book Duo with a Raid 1 and 4Terabytes of storage for external Project Storages (finished projects will be moved to the external storage and only current ones stay on the Mac Mini).

There are further things that I plan on buying, but one step at a time. There’s the need for an eGPU, a second 4k Display, and some updated peripherals. The reason I picked the Mac Mini over the iMac was the number of Thunderbolt 3 ports the Mac Mini offers, four compared to only two, and therefore the ability to upgrade the Mac Mini in a modular way.

So far I’m happy with the performance of editing a Full HD Video but the real test will be 4K Footage which is not far away because a new Camera has been ordered. But I’d say that’s it for this month's recap, like I said, a more detailed post about my second Short Film will follow soon.