My Apartment version 2.0

I’ve been doing a lot of apartment stuff in Blender for other people and because of that, I learned a lot, and then I thought I could reapply all those things I’ve learned to my own apartment. So I started from scratch, use the old apartment only for measurement and build all the walls now with planes, and used more boolean modifiers.

The result is a much more clean-looking apartment structure that is easier to modify and change. I copied over some of the furniture from the bar and others I plan on doing completely new. Especially the couch.

My Apartment in Blender

New take of my apartment in Blender

Last two weeks I focused a lot on my office room and my workspace because I’m having this idea of updating my main workspace and what better way to try out some stuff and see if everything looks good in Blender. The idea is to buy a new monitor stand so I can have the screens further back than I currently have, and also have them more in line with my eyesight. I would also love to buy new speakers and clean the desk up and free it from all the clutter so that I have more room when I do something else than working on my mac. The idea is to have the actual Mac Mini inside an Ikea Billy shelf next to the desk and everything connected via thunderbolt to a hub. The monitors are connected via thunderbolt to the hub and the Audioengine A5+ speakers via DAC (which is located below the desk and accessible from the front) as well.

With that setup, I could potentially connect a future work laptop (please Apple, release a new MacBook Pro on Monday) easily with the thunderbolt hub and start working with the same video/audio configuration. The whole camera and microphone for vlogging is a different thing and something I’m not quite sure yet how to solve, I have some ideas but it would need a different and more expensive hub or they are purely connected to the Mac Mini and not to a laptop.

I would love to have the speakers on shelves to make room on the desk and I thought a shelf in the middle would make it possible to store other stuff. There’s an idea to put all my Lego Star Wars helmets up there, that would look sweet.

All in all, I love how it looks, now I can start planning to put this thing together in real life. I was really surprised how fast I created certain things in Blender, the Ikea shelf was fun to do, same with the Dell MDA20 Monitor stand and try out different monitor positions. Also, the Ikea desk chair was put together really fast. I’ve learned so much again over the last few weeks that I start to create more complex things, I just wish time wouldn’t fly that fast when I’m blendering.