New Short Movie #1

The day before yesterday when talking with a friend about writing stories I suddenly had an idea for a short movie, I’m talking about a 5-minute movie here. Well, yesterday I couldn’t sleep because I was having all these ideas in my head so now I will write them down so that they are out of my head and I can focus on other things.

The Idea:

Basically, it’s about a writer sitting in front of a typewriter (maybe a really old one) and typing a story, maybe we hear a voice in the off telling the audience what the writer is typing. When suddenly the typewriter becomes a living thing and starts to battle the writer on the story (maybe because the typewriter doesn’t like the story).

That’s the idea I’m having. Usually what happens is that it starts small, with the typewriter blocking a specific letter the writer needs to finish a word/sentence and ends in total chaos, right before something happens, the twist which I haven’t figured out yet.

Apart from making the typewriter type for itself, I think it’s a rather easy setup for a short film.