Seven is almost here

I had a busy coding weekend where I recreated the current theme but used everything I’ve learned in the last 12 months. There was a lot of code I could rewrite more efficiently or code which was not needed at all anymore but was just laying around.

I would have released it this weekend already, but there are some pages that need some work first. The Archive view, The Factory view and some PHP functions to run everything smoothly. I guess by the end of next week I will release it.

Another thing, I took a break today from all the coding to go out and get some fresh air and enjoy the nice warm weather. During that time I kept thinking of things to write, and with write, I mean PHP, HTML, JS or SASS. I mean I do this all week at work and then on a weekend I keep doing the same things and while I’m outside I think about it as well. Isn’t that crazy? And while I walked and thought about my WordPress Theme, I realized that I have to get to that point with making movies. Be so involved with it that I keep thinking about it every free minute.

Just some thoughts before I try to enjoy the last few minutes of the weekend not doing anything website-related.