Some more Factory tweeking

The Soap Factory

Made some further changes to the Factory by creating new (and more improved for some cases) preview images plus adding some new Factory Items which were created recently. Still, the detail page is missing because I don’t have any idea yet on how to construct them. I’m thinking about making them look different than the regular single post view and then there’s the issue of having several images for a Factory Item and how to display them. I still wanna avoid using jQuery and some fancy slider, so maybe just thumbnails with a lightbox? I don’t know and until I do know, the simple Factory overview will stay that way.

But it was fun to collect all the previous things I’ve done and display them in a fancy way, and I think there are a few more I missed. Plus the two short movies I’ve made are missing because the source video is in such a bad quality that it’s hard to create a good-looking preview image.