SP9 is in development

Yes, I’ve started work on SoaPatrickNine and I’ve come quite far with my first coding session. Now I don’t use an app like Photoshop or something like Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch. I use my coding editor and do something which is called ‘design by coding’.

So far I’ve written very hacky code but it’s more important on how it looks than how it’s coded. Once I nailed down the look of the design I will write a new theme. Yes even though SP9 will be more of an iteration of SP8, I plan on writing everything from the ground up. This gives me a chance to optimize the code once more because there is always stuff to optimize.

Now I don’t want to define a release date, but I hope that by mid-may (end of may the latest) I will have some sort of version to be releasable. It will bring with it some structural changes, but I look forward to it, I like what I’ve made so far.