Got myself a new Camera

After Juicy Finish (which was shot on my old Sony a5000) the realization that I’m in need of a new camera got even bigger. So with the recent Black-Friday and tons of special offers left and right I … more →

Why use generic Stock-Images?

When preparing and writing a blog post I always try to add a visual element to it which mostly consists of a featured image. It’s always better to pick up the reader with something visual that sets … more →

Europapark in the Summer

Many people, including me, always preach to never visit the Europapark in the summer, especially with school being out in many parts of France, Germany and Switzerland. Well, we decided to fuck all … more →

My self made leather Bracelet

I was never really the guy to wear bracelets and rings but I thought about giving it a try, just wanted to add something to my naked right arm (the apple watch is on the left wrist). Since I’m not … more →

My brand new Bike

So I bought a new bike, my first own bike after… let me think… 20 years, and I’m loving it. I once owned a bike as a teenager and I actually had it for maybe a month before it was stolen. In the … more →

Pigeons shitting on my Balcony

While I was googling some things to keep the pigeons from shitting on my balcony, something very funny happened. Well, the easiest way seems to be to place a plastic raven on the balcony which scares … more →

A year has passed...

Well, almost a year has passed since I’ve done anything on this place and since just a logo has plastered the homepage. Well, the reason for the change is because I had the urge to do something again … more →

Cosmo in the Box

Damn, I love him, Cosmo, our cat and which is of course named after the famous TV Character :D he of course also behaves like him with all his crazy moods. Well anyway, Cosmo tends to LOVE getting … more →

The Party

Yeah, today is my birthday but the big party started yesterday evening. I've done this now 3 times in a row only shrank the guest list down from last year because having too many people on a party … more →