Returning to Blender?

I can’t believe what’s happening, I really did something again in Blender and I could use the full power of my ‘newly’ build PC and render images in a timely fashion. I must admit, it came out of … more →

Soap Lab as a Blender Render

I’ve been glued to the screen the last few days, trying new things with blender and running my Mac Mini into overdrive. This new rendition of my Soap Lab Logo was a bit tricky on the rendering side … more →

I was working on a Soap Lab Logo

As I mentioned in my previous Post, I had the Idea to make all my movie projects under a new banner called Soap Lab Experiment. Now roughly two weeks later I can present you the first version of set … more →

Rethinking old Logo Designs

I was cruising through the Google Image Gallery with the search term “ Soap Logo” and I was surprised to see many of my design iterations made it on this list and there I also saw my liquid soap … more →

Working on a new look

I wanted to change the look of the page for a long time now but I never had the time or the idea of what it should look like. For work, I looked into the Bootstrap framework and realized how simple … more →

...and another try at a Soap Logo

I mentioned in yesterdays entry, that after all the work I’ve put into a new logo design, I ended up not really feeling it and decided to start (once again) from scratch and I rather quickly had this … more →

Soap Logo v4

The problem of never being happy with my work once again brought me to rethink the logo for this place here. So I looked at countless inspiration sites and countless logos to get get my brain into … more →

I think this is it...

After months of looking and thinking about the design of my place, this is something I really like. It’s simple, it's clean, it’s responsive (and I didn’t do it myself). Well I did some tinkering … more →

Soap Logo

Trying to get back into the Game

I know that it’s been quite some time since my last post but with school, the bachelor thesis and work, especially work, it was kinda hard to work on this place as well. So now I try to dedicate some … more →

First concrete idea

Today at work I had some spare time, so I took out my drawing moleskin and started to put some ideas down on paper and the more I drew the more concrete an idea got. I also decided to have 4 menu … more →