So let's talk my next Project

At the beginning of this month, I talked about a new Project and even revealed the title but there were no details about anything else. Well, now I spill the beans on this project. Actually, the idea … more →

I'm having a Story Idea

After a few frustrating days of finding a story for my micro/short film project, it suddenly made click this weekend, thanks to some tasty drinks (love myself a Blackberry Bourbon Smash) and a bit of … more →

So let's write a Story...

So I‘m sitting on the train, ready to start a story. Well kinda ready, it helps to have like a starting point from which the story evolves, and that‘s what‘s currently missing, plus I don‘t want … more →

Screenplay and possible titles

I haven’t written in screenplay form for a LONG time so it was nice to actually do this again. I’m having this specific scene of the movie in my head for a long time so at one boring moment in last … more →

New Short Movie #1

The day before yesterday when talking with a friend about writing stories I suddenly had an idea for a short movie, I’m talking about a 5-minute movie here. Well, yesterday I couldn’t sleep because I … more →

Working with a Whiteboard

Well, I finally have my new whiteboard up and running, it’s a 120 x 90cm magnetic whiteboard and I LOVE it. I used it immediately to write down the act structure of the movie I’m currently working on … more →

Outlining the Story Points

Well after a day off from all I started to outline the so far decided story points from the movie I’m currently developing with a partner. There’s still some blanks especially in the middle of the … more →