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John Oliver

You know, my mother was an atheist. She used to say that there was good news and bad news about hell. The good news is hell is just the product of a morbid human imagination. The bad news is whatever humans can imagine, they can usually create.

Peggy, Severance S01E01

Doing something great is overrated. ‘Cause then people expect that from you… all the time. What they don’t realize is you’re just as screwed up as they are.

Mare, Mare of Easttown S01E05

Some thoughts on 2020

Last year I started with a different kind of look back or recap on the previous year, no more top ten lists but rather an unsorted or alphabetical list of things I liked and didn’t quite like. And … more →

I needed that pain to get where I am now.

John Locke, Lost S05E04

Kill the boy and let the man be born

Maester Aemon, Game of Thrones S05E05

Some thoughts on 2019

I don’t want to make some top 10 lists about stuff I liked and didn’t like the past year as I did for 2017 ( Best Movies, Worst Movies, Best TV Shows). Or just look ahead like I did last year. No, … more →

What 'The Body' means to me

The last Photograph of Comso (left) The Body is the 16th Episode from the 5th Season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and it’s a tough one. I’ve been watching and rewatching Buffy a few times now and the … more →

Winter is finally here!!!

Wait what? Did I miss something? No no, it’s April I know, but still, the most important Winter is finally here. 8 more days and the most anticipated season of all time will finally arrive. Ok for … more →

They said there were two fathers. One above and one below. They lied. There was only ever the devil. And when you look up from the bottom, it was just his reflection, laughing back down at you.

James Delos, Westworld S02E04