Finally some 3D elements

I've always wanted to include something 3D, something created with Blender into my web design. The first thought was always the SP Logo in some shape or form. It's been some time since I've created a … more →

The state of RSS in 2021

I’m feeling like a dinosaur or just a weird human being by still using RSS in 2021 in a time of social media dominance but an RSS Feed App is still my most used app every single day, sometimes by a … more →

And the winner is...

Firefox. Yes, it’s the browser I didn’t even mention the last time. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’ve decided to get away from Google a bit and stop using Chrome and I was looking … more →

Ok let's talk browsers

I’m reaching that point again (thanks to an update with iOS 14 where we can set a third-party default browser) where I think about switching my browser. I’m currently using Chrome on every device I … more →

Fancy CSS styled scrollbars

I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier, but what this place definitely was missing, is colorized fancy scrollbars! So I made a new update today (in which I also fixed the page title for the … more →

A Redesign after all?

Once again it must be that time of the year where I play around with ideas for a possible new design for this page. Now I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t you just write the other day that you don’t … more →

I’m not much into spending too much time with the design of my website anymore, it keeps me from producing content that is more fun and is actually worth something. BUT I play around with the idea of redesigning the current theme with Bootstrap 4 once it’s in Beta. I’m not promising anything right now, but the idea of having the whole structure done with a solid flexbox base through bootstrap 4 sounds intriguing. Well, I guess we’ll see how much time I’m willing to spend on it.

YouTube or Vimeo

Because I’m suddenly faced with uploading videos (something I didn’t think I have to deal with so soon) I’m wondering if YouTube is the right place for all this. I looked at Vimeo today and I really … more →