Three Months with an iPhone X

iPhone X

For the last three months, minus the 2 weeks where it was off to the Czech Republic for repair, I’ve been using an iPhone X. I hesitated a long time to actually buy one, I think the infamous Notch was the main reason why. But on December 23rd I was in a spontaneous mood and was pushed a bit by a friend so I went for it and bought it. I think the best way to describe how I feel is the feeling I had when I had to send in the iPhone X and use my old iPhone 6 for two weeks. It was amazing how fast I got used to the gestures and the bigger display that I missed my iPhone X the whole two weeks.

So let’s break it down a bit


It’s like day and night compared to the iPhone 6, obviously. Everything is snappy fast and opens in an instant. Of course, with all the revelations of Apple's decrease performance of old iPhones with old batteries, it’s hard to know for sure how much faster it is. But for me, it’s making a big difference.


It’s enormous and I got used to it so quickly. I even have found a way around the Notch, mainly by choosing wallpapers and background images wisely. If the wallpaper is black on top, the notch disappears plus because of the OLED Display you save battery because a black Pixel doesn’t need to be lit. I think Apple desperately needs to make a dark mode to fully optimize the OLED Display and make the bezel disappear. As for the Notch when it’s visible, it doesn’t really bother me at all, hardly notice it because you don’t stare at it but rather the content on the screen.

Face ID

I LOVED TouchID and I was kinda bumped with the change to FaceID and using it for three months I see pros and cons. Unlocking with Gloves, wet Hands is no problem anymore so that’s cool, but the iPhone needs to be at a certain distance to your face (holding it too close in bed doesn’t unlock it for me) or angle which is annoying when it’s lying flat on the table and you want to read the latest messages, so you have to pick it up or lean forward and look at it. But it’s very reliable and for me even works with my sunglasses which is nice for summertime.


I finally can use my iPhone for 2 days straight again, a bit less if I power-use it for a day. But that was one of the reasons for a new iPhone because my iPhone 6 started to get drained so fast that I hardly got a full day out of it.


I’m happy with the photos I’m taking (Love the Focus!) but more importantly, I love the videos I’m shooting, tried some cool slo-mo videos recently and maybe cut something cool together once.


The new gestures, so no Home button, all done with gestures and the funny thing with that is in my time back with the iPhone 6 and caught myself quite often using the swipe up gesture in an app to get back to the home screen. Of course, some things are different but I think we people adapt much quicker to new things than we realize. I love to finally have force touch, though I don’t use it THAT often, maybe have to force myself to use it for quick start certain app features. And because I switched to all Bluetooth audio devices and I don’t even miss the Audio Jack.

The Verdict

Some friends would say I could never say something bad about an Apple Product which might be true. So I’m happy with it, there’s nothing so far that really bothers me or something that I miss and I hope that phone lasts as long as the iPhone 6, it cost a fortune after all.