What’s in store for 2023

After looking back a bit it's time to look ahead and like last year it's kinda sad when I check the list of plans with what I actually did. This begs the question if writing out the plans make any sense at all. But like I wrote last year with my blog post catching the thread I need these plans for myself. I need to set myself some goals to achieve.

The problem right now is that I have no idea what to do. I did catch myself a few late nights recently where I sat on my couch and had no idea what to do. No idea what movie or tv show to watch, what game to play or what creative thing to do. So I just sat there and stared at the wall.


Usually every year there was a plan for a redesign of my website. A design just sticks around for less than 12 months and SP10 was released in January of 2022. So it's kinda overdue but on the other hand, I have no urge to get into that, the last one was such a major change that I don't have the energy to go into that right now. Plus I still kinda dig it. Sure I had some ideas here and there but nothing to make me rethink everything. What I'd love to do one day is use a javascript framework like Svelte for the front end or go static with Astro.build so that I can build the whole website with reusable components. But doing that would be such a major undertaking that I'm not quite ready for it yet.

So for now I just leave it like this, but I still could end up redesigning everything in the next twelve months. Sometimes these things happen quickly and out of nowhere.

Lab and Factory

Just very recently I started to use Blender again and I don't want to jinx it but I enjoy it so far, maybe it will stick and something cool might come out of it. But that's just one leg of my creative outlet and there are many. I want to take some pictures again with my camera, maybe even videos, and many more creative legs. I just want to do stuff this year and see what comes out of it, even though I know I have the tendency to shift focus quickly (Squirrel!) I try to embrace it and not worry too much about it.


There are of course things I plan on doing this year which won't be visible on this very homepage. And one of those things is to socialize more. This is something that was left a bit on the side the last year and maybe it's the aftermath of the whole covid isolation thingy but I also think it's part of me and it's a part I want to change.

Be more open

This is something that I wanted to do last year already, especially on this website with my blog entries. And looking back I think there were a few entries that went in this direction but now I'd like to build upon that for this year and see how it goes.

To conclude

I think after last year I'm a bit more careful but that's ok, I think the idea is to make baby steps and try to walk slowly before I start running.