WordPress 5.4 and SP7 2.5

Yup some changes are happening around here but I think these are more under the hood, so no one will actually notice it. But let’s get into it:

WordPress 5.4

I just updated this place to the latest WordPress release and I tested it locally a bit and didn’t notice any strange things so I went ahead and updated the live system. I might stumble upon a few things but honestly, I’ve read the changelog and no changes should affect this place here.

But I’m very interested in where WordPress will go from here because some interesting things are happening.

SoaPatrickSeven 2.5

I plan on releasing a new version of my theme this coming Friday. Now with that release, I will change the Image sizes and then regenerate all 480 images again, and delete unused ones. Now when I tested that locally all Blog posts or factory items didn’t display the images anymore, which means I have to go through all posts and fix the broken links. It’s a pain to do that but I noticed that over the years by creating new image sizes and regenerating over and over again, certain images have over 20 different image sizes. Now, these take up a lot of space and with version 2.5 I will work with only 3 sizes. So this will free up some disk space and make things more organized again.

The reason I write this is because, during that time hardly any images are being displayed until I fix that, it’s just a heads up.