Some thoughts on 2019

I don’t want to make some top 10 lists about stuff I liked and didn’t like the past year as I did for 2017 ( Best Movies, Worst Movies, Best TV Shows). Or just look ahead like I did last year. No, … more →

Colorize the shit out of it

I couldn’t really keep myself from further work on this theme but it was so much fun to do this. Now you can not only switch between Light and Dark mode, no, now you can also choose your own color … more →

So what's the Status?

I thought I write a short status on what is happening right now and get at least one post in September. SoaPatrickSix I did some small changes to the theme as you might have noticed when looking at … more →

Some work done under the hood

Ok so at work there was a lot of discussion about page speed optimization of websites, so I checked how this place is doing and I think it did ok. On Google’s Page Speed Test Website, it scored … more →

I'm working on Something

It’s been a while but I’m having an idea for a new micro movie and I started to write down some notes, draw some storyboards and test some shots. I don’t wanna put TOO much pressure on me with a … more →

And then there were animated Bubbles

I thought this place could use some playfulness, something that’s unique and sticks out so I came up with the animation of bubbles (which are also in the Soap Lab logo). I dig the result and I’m … more →

Chose your own Theme

Now that was a productive day, I kinda feel sad though that I spend the whole day in front of the computer, but when I see what I achieved I’m kinda happy. What I mentioned yesterday I did today. … more →

Why the Girly Theme?

Yeah, what’s up with the pink, and white, theme? Well since you’ve asked. In my quest to improve upon version five I also played around with colors and with the possibility of a white, or light, … more →

Six will change some things

It’s subtle but there have been some slight changes to the page here. First I’ve created a new theme, Version 6, which is now running this place. The base has been Version 5 on which I make my … more →