Paddington 2

By Paul King in 2017
Paddington 2

I've always thought this is just a silly kids movie and It never really was on my radar but the exceptional positive reviews made me curious. So I watched the first film and it was this quirky funny and warm film about a bear in London trying to find a home and fitting in.

Having liked the first one, watching the sequel was a no-brainer and this one is even better. This in no way means the first one is not good but Paddington 2 is one of the best movies I've seen in quite some time.

But do remember it's still a family movie but having good family movies nowadays is a rare thing, mostly they are just stupid with no real heart and a few are good or decent but Paddington 2 is just amazing. It's full of love, fun, and it's all very sincere and it's never schmalzy or over the top.

If you feel down or think you can't take it anymore because the world has gone to shit, give Paddington 2 a try, it will make you smile, make you laugh out loud, and put a tear into your eyes.