A Recap of the Drawing Challenge

I thought it would be a good idea to recap the 100 Days Drawing Challenge with days 25 to 36, even though I’m currently not drawing any further. Glancing over all the days, there’s of course day which stands out and that would be day 36. That day even got its own Blog post. But another thing that I notice is the different styles used which shows how I started to experiment with certain things. Some of the drawings were drawn with no reference and some were.

Drawing challenge -  days 25 to 36

One Subject was me being pissed at the battery performance of my Apple Watch (Day 35), another was my Brain going crazy because I had too many thoughts (Day 33). And then there was a short phase where it was just too hot and I jokingly cooled myself down with standing in front of my fridge (Day 25).

Tomorrow I will post the rest of the missing days IF I will find the time besides work and Mission Impossible: Fallout, yes will go to the movies tomorrow.