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Better Call Saul

By Vince Gilligan in 2015

I've never thought after the monster series that is Breaking Bad that a spin-off based on the sleazy lawyer would turn out this good and in some way even better. People often complain that Breaking … more →

Catching the Thread

I think I've realized something. I've been doing a lot of things the last few weeks, trying to understand myself a bit better, and I noticed certain patterns. This has been a different, and sometimes … more →

Mad Max Fury Road

By George Miller in 2015

This movie is a beast of a movie. In an age where many action movies feel weightless because of all the CGI and the obvious green screen, this movie goes all in. The cars roar louder than in any fast … more →

Feeling tired

I know that I've been absent for some time and I often thought about writing something again just so that I will increase my number of blog posts from the previous year, but more often than not what … more →

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