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Mad Max Fury Road

By George Miller in 2015

This movie is a beast of a movie. In an age where many action movies feel weightless because of all the CGI and the obvious green screen, this movie goes all in. The cars roar louder than in any fast … more →

Feeling tired

I know that I've been absent for some time and I often thought about writing something again just so that I will increase my number of blog posts from the previous year, but more often than not what … more →

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John Oliver

The Iron Giant

By Brad Bird in 1999

One of the last drawn animated pictures before it all just became computer-generated animated movies. Released in 1999 (for me the best year for movies ever) I still love to watch it every now and … more →

Top Gun: Maverick

By Joseph Kosinski in 2022

During the last few years, the movies I'd want to see on the big screen have become more and more selected. On the one side because TV screens are getting bigger and my home is more sophisticated … more →

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