Just some Random Thoughts

Wintertime in Basel

Instead of the usual recap I always did on the last day of the month I thought I just write down some thoughts I had the last few days. But first some words about today’s Featured Image. Last year I wrote the recap post with an image featuring a similar shot from Basel during the winter, that one was an image I found online. Today when I woke up it was snowing and the moment the sun started to come through I had the idea of recreating that image. I took some photographs from various angles (one was almost identical to that from last year) and decided to go with the one above which for me was the best of the bunch.

But the reason for today’s Blog Post is something else. Starting tomorrow a new part of my life is about to start. After almost five years of commuting every workday to Zurich, I will start my new job tomorrow here in Basel and I’m psyched. Gone are the days of spending 3 hours traveling per day to get to work. What this means is I will get to spend a lot more time here in Basel and hopefully reconnect with some friends, after all, I will have a lot more time to spend now.

Another thing that I noticed recently is the urge to blog a lot more again. I have to get back to a certain routine, a routine of doing something daily and through that get that creative juice flowing again. The extra time I will have is something that should be used to do creative and productive things.

Then there’s the status of my next Short Film. I know that in my last Blog Post I wrote that I will be shooting Reflection the next day, well that kinda happened. I did actually start shooting but new ideas started to emerge and I realized that in order to bring those ideas to life I need help, so what started with an idea to shoot a film all by myself has now become something of a group thing. I’m still in front of the camera but I need help with some stuff in the front and behind the camera. The plan is to shoot it on Saturday and maybe I can edit it and compose some music on Sunday for a release beginning next week. But with daily Blog Posts, you will all be up to date on what the status of it is.