Start working with Google Tag Manager?

For work, I had to dive into Google Tag Manager which was for me a completely new area. It’s a complex area but I think I slowly get the hang of it, even though it’s not really my favorite subject but I thought in order to get even more out of it I could implement it here on my own website and play around with it.

It’s amazing what can be tracked these days. What someone clicks, how far people scroll, what text they copy, how long they stay on an individual page and a lot more. Now I know that privacy is a big issue these days and don’t worry, IF I start tracking all those things, I would let my few readers know. Then I would of course also anonymize the IP Address. I still have to do some research about an Opt-Out option.

But mostly I would be interested here in scrolling behavior (after all the page is rather long and it would be interesting to see how far down people scroll). Then of course the ratio between Mobile and Desktop users and what people click.

As I said, when the time comes I will write down in great detail what is being tracked, and maybe even explain why. So I will keep you guys posted on how this project is developing.