I've got some reading to do

I stumbled upon some drawing books I’ve found in one of my boxes in the cellar: Drawing Dynamic Comics and Drawing Cutting Edge Comics. Then I also found Inspired 3D Short Film Production, a book I … more →

Am I getting lazy?

It seems that I’ve settled on how my drawings look like and recently it has become a quick copy/paste job and that’s why all my drawings look the same, at least to me. I don’t take risks or try new … more →

"Infinity War" shocked me

Avengers Infinity War is not really a movie, it’s an event, an event 10 years in the making. I think Infinity War is best described as the Season Finale of Season 3 (or Phase Three when speaking in … more →

I made my first Comic Strip

This week was the birthday of a very good friend of mine, so I bought her a gift, obviously, and decided to draw a possible outcome of me giving her the gift as a Comic Strip, and give her that as … more →

I had to take the Week off

It was such a stressful week that I had to take some time off from the daily blogging to recharge my batteries and to stop trying to find something to write about because the last month there were … more →

Hard at Work, here's Proof

With the limited time I have at home, besides work, having a social life and you know the essentials like sleeping and eating, I’m working hard to draw things. Thank god the overly long … more →