What has been happening

Colored pens made with Blender

Colored pens made with Blender

It’s been some time since anything happened here, well some things happened, I just didn’t post something about it. But yeah it’s a difficult time for all of us and sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s not so easy, but I think we all try to do our best to overcome these times.


I’ve been playing around with a prototype for SoaPatrickNine and first I tried to recreate this version right here with a few additional things I plan on doing. I’m still trying to find a general theme for the next version, something that will lay a foundation for everything else and I believe once I found the general theme, everything else will be easy.

Animated Short

Speaking of theme, I have an idea for an animated short film which happens to be a possible theme for SoaPatrickNine as well. I always thought about how I could include 3D renderings into a new SoaPatrick version and I think with this idea I’m having it could actually work perfectly.

I’m not yet ready to share anything. What I’m currently doing is studying real-life examples so that I understand the mechanics of it and finding good reference materials. Once I have something to show for I will post it right here, which is hopefully soon.