A Look back on Days 13 to 24

After the first 12 day recap, it was time to look back on the next 12 days on my way to the 100 Day Drawing Challenge. I must admit on some days it was rather difficult to get motivated and I think it shows in some of the thumbnails. But on the other hand, there were days where I’ve drawn like 5 different things and but none for the challenge, so I ended up with a simple one for the challenge because I was just exhausted after drawing for several hours straight. The style of emphasizing the drawing with the color red has disappeared as I have tested out new things. Overall I’m happy with the latest batch.

Drawing challenge -  days 13 to 24

I hardly stop after 10 minutes which is ok for me because the time limit is to get started in the first place. So like last time, I want to highlight a few days again. First a shoutout to Day 15 and Garfield which received its own blog post. I just love the little guy.

Then I went crazy with the black on Day 17 with another one of my attempts of a self-portrait in a different style. This one was actually done first on paper with a pencil and ink before I’ve redrawn it on the iPad. Maybe I went a bit crazy with the shadows in the face.

On Day 20 I’ve drawn how I probably look like every day on my ride home from work. It was fun to draw a face from a somewhat funny and different angle and after a few tries, I even got a half-decent hand.

And last another self-portrait on Day 21 this time a more realistic but still comic-style approach. People told me I look so mean, well yes I need to work on different facial expressions. Cannot look like a grumpy old man all the time.

So that’s day 13 to 24. I’m currently on day 27 so I finish today’s post here and get back to drawing.