Let’s recap August of 2018, shall we?

August 2018 recap

Another month has passed which means time for the usual recap. So what happened this month? Well, a lot! It all started with the plan to write and shoot a micro/short film. Since then I’ve been doing lots of research for shooting procedures, for renting equipment and kept my mind busy with the basic shape and scope of the story.

I set myself a deadline for the story which is actually today. So how far have I come? Well, I’d say the story is pretty much set, there are some details and minor kinks which I need to iron out during the scripting process but generally, I feel comfortable with what I have in order to take the next step. I now have an entire month for the screenplay, the storyboards and planning the shooting schedule. As for the promised ‘Logline’, I don’t feel comfortable sharing that yet, also because I haven’t really written it but I do have an idea floating in my head. I can share the title though:


I know it sounds generic but I think it fits the story quite well. There’s also an idea for a poster which I’ve sketched. I know that I shouldn’t worry that much about things like the poster but I had an idea in my head that fits perfectly so why not create that poster.

I think that’s all for this recap because apart from that nothing worthy of writing down here has happened.