Starting my new Challenge, Today!

I thought about how to move forward, improve my drawing skills and make a fun game out of it which keeps me drawing daily. I remembered the 30 Day Drawing Challenge I did last year and how much I learned but also how stressful it became to draw something daily. So I thought I change some tiny bits with that approach and make it easier to approach it daily.

So let me introduce the 100 Day 10 Minutes Drawing Challenge. Wait, what? 100 Days!?!? Yap, BUT, with a time limit of 10 minutes of drawing per day. So every day for the next 100 days, I will draw something with a timer set to 10 minutes. Once the timer has run out I stop. I can continue of course if I feel like it but I don’t have to. 10 minutes per day seems doable.

I’m not gonna publish all my results, only the ones I feel good about, obviously. So starting today (right after the Apple Keynote) I will draw daily and hopefully improve my drawing skills and I will also post status updates once in a while with certain results.