Time for a Status Update

I thought it would be time to write a status update on my 100 Days Drawing Challenge just in case some people out there think I stopped or worse yet never started. I know I’ve been awfully quiet lately, that’s because a Project at work is eating up a lot of my creative energy and the little I have left is used for the drawing challenge. So here’s an overview of the last 12 days. As you can see there’s a certain recurring element in all of these and I like to emphasize or just decorate the drawing at the end with the color red.

Drawing challenge -  days 1 to 12

So far I think I’ve only stopped once after 10 minutes and with a few exceptions, I stopped around 20 minutes or so. But the idea of being able to stop after 10 minutes removes some of the pressure knowing that they don’t have to be all good, but at least I draw something each day. So let me pick a few I really liked.

First, on Day 4 I played around with different comic interpretations of myself, I started with one and then improved upon it for new iterations but instead of improving I changed the style slightly. Then on Day 6, it was a week of lots of raining so I incorporated that into the drawing and I love how the finished drawing looked like with the umbrella. For the subject of Day 8, the pain of having used the weights for the first time for 6 months served as inspiration. It probably is my favorite drawing of the first 12 days. And finally the one from today, it was the first have I used something to draw from, so it’s not an original but, of course, helps you to learn certain things.

What I like so far about the whole process is that I loosened up a bit and just try new things, I’m not going that crazy with them but at least I move in the right direction. But through all that, I also try to make each my own with that color red. Look forward to the next batch.