Writing short Stories as Blog Posts?

Finding new topics for the daily Blog Posts is kinda hard, there are times when a topic is relevant which makes the theme of the Post obvious, like a new trailer or something political or whatnot. But there are times where my daily work life isn‘t just that adventurous or exciting, so coming up with a new topic is kinda hard. Then I thought why not just write some short stories, you know like 500 words stories. This could improve my storytelling abilities and techniques. At the same time, I bring some originality to the blog and at best entertain my very few readers.

I remember in the old days there were two instances where I just started typing whatever came to my mind first, never lifting the fingers from the keyboard until I was either exhausted or done with the story. These were wild stories that took very unexpected turns, obviously. This could be a fun exercise during my train rides.

So next time I‘m out of ideas for a Blog Post (there are a few stories in the pipeline, but usually they are bigger ones on which I want to spend more time) I will write a short story during a train ride with whatever comes to my mind first. I‘m psyched!