New Color Scheme for SP10

Back in 2018, I had the urge to change the look and feel of my website, back then the red theme was born. I always like this slightly dirty red with a very dark gray as a contrast color. With this … more →

And then there were animated Bubbles

I thought this place could use some playfulness, something that’s unique and sticks out so I came up with the animation of bubbles (which are also in the Soap Lab logo). I dig the result and I’m … more →

Welcome to SoaPatrickFive

Wow, that went fast, I started yesterday evening with a clear vision in my head and now, around 20 hours later, the first version of that vision is released. Now, this is not the final version as I … more →

Playing around with a dark Theme

I had some time today so I made some quick changes to my local installation to see how a dark version of the current theme might look like. This was achieved with 10 lines of SASS, not everything was … more →